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1 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 3:35 
2 Down Payment Blues (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 6:00 
3 Gimme A Bullet (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 3:21 
4 Riff Raff (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 5:14 
5 Sin City (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 4:40 
6 What's Next To The Moon (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 3:28 
7 Gone Shootin' (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 5:04 
8 Up To My Neck In You (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 4:10 
9 Kicked In The Teeth (M.Young/A.Young/B.Scott) 3:52 



Angus Young - Guitar 
Malcon Young - Guitar rythmique 
Bon Scott - Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass 
Phil Rudd - Drums


Produced by Harry Vanda & George Young 
Originally released in May 1978 
Available worldwide

The album was partly remixed for its vinyl European release (different versions of "Rock 'n' Roll Damnation", "Down Payment Blues", "Gimme A Bullet", "What's Next To The Moon'" "Gone Shootin'" & "Kicked In The Teeth") and with an added track, "Cold Hearted Man." 
UK, French & German original versions of the vinyl Lp did not contain "Rock 'n' Roll Damnation". 
Released as a limited edition on red vinyl in Canada. 
The CD releases are taken from the Australian/US version.

Bon Scott - Vocals 
Michael Fraser - Mastering Supervisor 
George Marino - Mastering, Remastering 
Mark Opitz - Engineer 
Phil Rudd - Drums 
Harry Vanda - Producer 
Cliff Williams - Bass 
Angus Young - Guitar, Producer 
Malcolm Young - Guitar, Producer 
Al Quaglieri - Mastering Supervisor 
Bob Defrin - Art Direction 
Jim Houghton - Photography, Cover Photo 
Eugene Nastasi - Digital Assembly 
Janet Macoska - Photography 
Denis O'Regan - Photography 
George Young - Producer