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1 Anthem Part Two 
2 Online Songs 
3 First Date 
4 Happy Holidays 
5 Story of A Lonely Guy 
6 The Rock Show 
7 Stay Together For The Kids 
8 Roller Coaster
9 Reckless Abandon 
10 Everytime I Look For You
11 Give Me One Good Reason 
12 Shut Up 
13 Please Take Me Home
14 Happy Holidays, You Bastard 
15 Story Of A Lonely Guy 
16 Untitled 

Bonus Track 
17 Every Time I Look For You 
18 Time To Break Up 
19 Mother's Day 
20 What Went Wrong? 
21 Fuck A Dog 
22 Don't Tell Me It's Over 
23 Grandpa



Tom Delonge. Guitarist/vocalist
Mark Hoppus. Bassist
Scott Raynor. Drummer


Editado: 6/12/2001
Numero de discos: 1
Discografia: Westbeach Recorders Hollywood, CA.
Jerry Finn Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge

Mike Fasano Drum Technician
Jerry Finn Producer
Brian Gardner Mastering
Femio Hernández Mixing, Mixing Assistant
Tom Lord-Alge Mixing
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Keyboards
Joe Marlett Assistant Engineer
Joe McGrath Engineer
Marcos Orozco Design
Robert Read Assistant Engineer
Ted Reiger Assistant Engineer
Tim Stedman Art Direction, Design
Justin Stephens Photography