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Spirit: stallion of  the cimarron
Bryan Adams

Precio Fnac: 21,50

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1 Here I Am (end title) 4:44 Adams, Peters, Zimmer 2002 
2 I Will Always Return 3:58 Adams, Lange, Zimmer 2002 
3 You Can't Take Me 2:56 Adams, Lange, Greenaway 2002 
4 Get Off My Back 2:50 Adams, Kennedy 2002 
5 Brothers Under The Sun 3:57 Adams, Peters, Jablonsky 2002 
6 Don't Let Go (with Sarah McLachlan) 4:02 Adams, Lange,Peters, Greenaway 2002 
7 This Is Where I Belong 2:21 Adams, Lange, Zimmer 2002 
8 Here I Am 4:32 Adams, Peters, Zimmer 2002 
9 Sound The Bugle 3:54 Horn, Greenaway 2002 
10 Run Free 6:21 Zimmer 2002 
11 Homeland (main title) 3:41 Zimmer 2002 
12 Rain 2:50 Zimmer 2002 
13 The Long Road Back 7:11 Zimmer 2002 
14 Nothing I've Ever Known 3:52 Adams, Kennedy, Zimmer 2002 
15 I Will Always Return (finale) 2:46 Adams, Lange, Zimmer 2002 
16 Where Do I Go From Here (Jap.) ?:?? Adams, Greenaway, Peters 2002 
17 You Can't Take Me (Alternate, Jap.) ?:?? Adams, Greenaway, Lange 2002 



Bryan Adams
Keith Scott
Mickey Curry


Original Release Date: 2002

Executive Film Producer Jay Rifkin 
Music Supervisor Marylata E. Jacob 
Additional Music Steve Jablonsky 
Supervising Music Editor Slamm Andrews 
Music Editor Robb Boyd 
Music Recorded by Slamm Andrews 
Songs Mixed by Bob Clearmountain 
Assisted by Kevin Harp 
Film Score Mixed by Alan Meyerson 
Studio Assistants Kevin Churko 
Kevin Globerman 
Gregg W. Silk 
Technical Music Advisors Kazimir Boyle 
Trevor Morris 
Melissa Muik 
Joel Richard 
Music Production Services Tom Broderick 
Media Ventures,USA 
Orchestra Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios,GB 
Orchestra Recorded by Geoff Foster 
Assisted by Michael Price 
Jake Jackson 
Adam Noble 
Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway 
Concertmaster Perry Montague Mason 
Music Copyist Tony Stanton 
Music Business Affairs Lenny Wohl 
London Musician Contractor Tonia Davall 
Score Recording Supervisor Maggie Rodford 
Air Edel Associates Ltd. 
Additional Arrangements Jim Dooley 
Rupert Gregson-Williams 
Mel Wesson 
Assistants to Hans Zimmer Moanike'ala Nakamoto 
Clay Duncan 
Music Co÷rdination Julie Imboden 
Soundtrack Co÷rdination Anthony Seyler 
Soundtrack Art Dir./Design Terry Robertson 
Photograph by Bryan Adams 

Bryan Recorded at Warehouse Studio,Can. 
Warehouse Mob. Unit,Jam. 
Compass Point, Bahamas 

Vocals, Bass, Guitars Bryan Adams 
Lead Guitar Keith Scott 
Drums Mickey Curry 
Acoustic, Electric Guitar Heitor Pereira 
Electric Guitar Davey Johnstone 
12 String Guitar David Channing 
Electric Cello Martin Tillman 
Fiddle Craig Eastman 
Backing Vocals Pointless Brothers 
Keyboards, Programming Gavin Greenaway 
Pat Leonard 
Steve Jablonsky 
Hans Zimmer 
Mel Wesson 
Honorary Dudess Sarah McLachlan 

Management Bruce Allen 
Assistant to Bryan Adams Kathryn Appleton 

Motion Picture Artwork Dreamworks L.L.C.