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  Waking Up  The Neighbours
Bryan Adams

Precio Fnac: 11,50

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1 Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya? 4:40 Adams, Lange 1991 
2 Hey Honey - I'm Packin' You In! 3:59 Adams, Lange,Scott, Russell 1991 
3 Can't Stop This Thing We Started 4:39 Adams, Lange 1991 
4 Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven 5:48 Adams, Lange 1991 
5 Not Guilty 4:12 Adams, Lange 1991 
6 Vanishing 5:03 Adams, Lange 1991 
7 House Arrest 3:57 Adams, Lange, Valance 1991 
8 Do I Have To Say The Words? 6:11 Adams, Lange, Valance 1991 
9 There Will Never Be Another Tonight 4:40 Adams, Lange, Valance 1991 
10 All I Want Is You 5:20 Adams, Lange 1991 
11 Depend On Me 5:07 Adams, Lange, Valance 1991 
12 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 6:34 Adams, Lange, Kamen 1991 
13 If You Wanna Leave Me Can I Come Too? 4:43 Adams, Lange 1991 
14 Touch The Hand 4:05 Adams, Lange 1991 
15 Don't Drop That Bomb On Me 5:58 Adams, Lange 1991 



Bryan Adams
Keith Scott
Mickey Curry


Original Release Date: 1991

Mastering studio: Masterdisc,
New York, NY, USA 
Mixing studio: Mayfair Studios,
London, England 
Recording studio: Battery Studio,
London, England 
Warehouse Studio,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Design: Richard Frankel 
Engineer: Nigel Green 
Engineer-Assistant: Ken Lomas 
Yan Memmi 
Engineer-Mastering: Bob Ludwig 
Management: Bruce Allen 
Mix-Assistant: Avril Mackintosh 
Mixer: Bob Clearmountain 
Photography: Andrew Catlin 
Producer: Bryan. Adams 
Robert John Lange 
Technical-Assistant: Ron Obvious 
Bryan Adams guitar, vocals 
Keith Scott lead guitar 
Mickey Curry drums 
Dave Taylor bass 
Tommy Mandel hammond organ 
Additional musicians: Phil Nicholas
Robbie King
Bill Payne
Larry Klein
Ed Shearmur
The Tuck Back Twins