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Curtain Call - The Hits

Precio Fnac: 17,95

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CD 1
1. Intro. 0:33
2. Fack. King, Mathers, Resto 3:25
3. The Way I Am. Mathers 4:51
4. My Name Is. Eminem, Young 4:28
5. Stan. Armstrong, Herman, Mathers 6:44
6. Lose Yourself. Bass, Mathers, Resto 5:26
7. Shake That. Hale, King, Mathers, Resto 4:34
8. Sing for the Moment. Bass, King, Mathers, Resto ... 5:40
9. Without Me. Bass, Bell, Dudley, Horn ... 4:51
10. Like Toy Soldiers. Dawson, Margules, Mathers ... 4:55
11. The Real Slim Shady. Coster, Elizondo, Mathers ... 4:44
12. Mockingbird. Mathers, Resto 4:11
13. Guilty Conscience. Mathers, Young 3:20
14. Cleanin' out My Closet. Bass, Mathers 4:58
15. Just Lose It. Batson, Elizondo, Mathers ... 4:08
16. When I'm Gone. Mathers, Resto 4:41
17. Stan [live/*]. Armstrong, Herman, Mathers 6:20

CD 2
1. Dead Wrong (Feat. B.I.G.)
2. Role Model
3. Kill You
4. Shit On You
5. Criminal
6. Renegade (Feat. Jay-Z)
7. Just Don't Give A Fuck



Fecha Edición: 05 de Diciembre de 2005

Nº Discos:

Jeff Bass Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
Jules Bass Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
Mark Batson Keyboards
Steve Baughman Engineer
Tony Campana Engineer
Sarah Catlett Studio Coordinator
Karin Catt Photography
Larry Chatman Project Coordinator
Lindsay Collins Studio Coordinator
Tom Coster, Jr. Keyboards
DJ Head Drum Programming
Dr. Dre Producer, Mixing
Mike Elizondo Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
Eminem Producer, Executive Producer, Drum Programming, Mixing
The 45 King & Louie Producer
Marti Frederiksen Engineer
Brian "Big Bass" Gardener Mastering
Scott Hays Assistant Engineer
Richard "Segal" Herredia Engineer
Mauricio Iragorri Engineer
Ben Jost Assistant Engineer
Rouble Kapoor Assistant Engineer
Steven King Bass, Guitar, Engineer, Mixing
Anthony Mandler Photography
Jonathan Mannion Photography
Joe Perry Project Solo Instrumental
Kirdis Postelle Project Coordinator
Luis Resto Keyboards, Programming, Producer
Tom Rounds Assistant Engineer
Les Scurry Production Coordination
Mike Sroka Assistant Engineer
Urban Kris Assistant Engineer
Nitin Vadukul Photography