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  King for a day... fool for a lifetime
Faith no more

Precio Fnac: 7,95

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Get Out (2:17) 
Ricochet (4:28) 
Evidence (4:53) 
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (3:28) 
Star A.D. (3:22) 
Cuckoo For Caca (3:41) 
Caralho Voador (4:01) 
Ugly in the Morning (3:06) 
Digging the Grave (3:04) 
Take This Bottle (4:59) 
King For A Day (6:35) 
What A Day (2:37) 
The Last To Know (4:27) 
Just A Man (5:35) 



Mike Bordin: Drums
Roddy Bottum: Keyboards
Billy Gould: Bass Guitar
Mike Patton: Vocals


Original Release Date: March 14, 1995 (USA), March 14, 1995 (UK, Japan)
Number of Discs: 1
Slash Records
Produced by
Andy Wallace and Faith No More
Mixed by Andy Wallace
Recorded by Clif Norrell and Andy Wallace
Recorded at Bearsville Studios,
Bearsville, NY
Assistant Engineer Chris Laidlaw
Mixed at Soundtrack Studios,
New York City, NY
Assistant Engineer Steve Sisco
Mastered by Howied Weinberg at
Masterdisk, New York City, NY
Career Direction: Warren Entner and
John Vassiliou for W.E.M.
Guitars by Trey Spruance
Danny Wilensky, Anthony Kadleck,
Daniel Levine, Abby Newton,
Stephanie Gelfan, Marla Rathbum,
Teresa Miller,Lynette Colbert,
Michelle Morehead, Robert Moe,
Marlon Mundy, Onita Boone, Loris Holland
Yamaha Drums, Zildgian Cybals
Vic First Sticks, Remo Drum Heads,
DW Pedals, Zon Guitars, Tech 21,
D'Addario Strings
Art Direction/Design: Melinda Maniscalco
Production Design: Robin Whiteside
Illustrations: Eric Drooker
Photography: Marko Lavrisha