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  One by One
Foo Fighters

One By One

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01. All My Life
02. Low
03. Have it All
04. Time Like These
05. Disenchanted Lullaby
06. Tired Of You
07. Halo
08. Lonely As You
09. Overdrive
10. Burn Away
11. Come Back 



Dave Grohl - Guitars
Nate Mendel - Basses
Taylor Hawkins - Bass Drum
Chris Shiflett - Guitars


Label: RCA 
Release Date: 2002-10-22 
And how did it come to pass? This album was made by Dave, Taylor, Nate, and Chris (depicted throughout, courtesy of A. Corbjin) working collectively as Foo Fighters and representing said work commercially via the following ridiculous titles: M.J. - Twelve Music, Flying Earform Music (Administered by EMI Virgin Songs/BMI), Living Under A Rock Music (Administered by Universal Music Publishing/ASCAP), and I Love The Punk Rock Music (!) (BMI). Guided by the skilled hand of Nick Raskulinecz (who, conveniently, also set mics and pressed "record") with the exception of the tender song, done by the esteemed Adam Kasper. In the end, it was Jim Scott who mixed the thing, quite ably - thanks, we needed that, and Bob Ludwig who did the Macro Mix, which should come as a surprise to no one. These things happened at Village Recorders in LA and Gateway Mastering, respectively. Details: recorded May 6-18 (that only seems quick, mind you) at Studio 606 in Va., with further ingredients added at the Hook Studios in Ca. and Conway-shiny-car-parking-lot studios in Ca. Brian May lent the proceedings a sense of decorum, illustrated beautifully on "Tired." Anatomy by Raymond Pettibon, who offered guidance out of the graphic abyss that, I think can be agreed, we've toiled in for far too long. Don't call us, call G.A.S Entertainment, they like it 
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Artwork by Raymond Pettibon (c) Raymond Pettibon | Illustration Photography: (c) 2002 Joshua White | Photography: Anton Corbijn Brian May appears courtesy of Hollywood Records | EMI Records U.K. 
Future Forests has planted enough native trees on behalf of Foo Fighters to re-absorb the 'greenhouse gas' carbon dioxide produced in the production, manufacture and distribution of this CD. To plant a tree in the Foo Fighters forest, go to www.futureforests.com 
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