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01. Good Time Boys
02. Higher Ground
03. Subway To Venus
04. Magic Johnson
05. Nobody Weird Like Me
06. Knock Me Down
07. Taste The Pain
08. Stone Cold Bush
09. Fire
10. Pretty Little Ditty
11. Punk Rock Classic
12. Sexy Mexican Maid
13. Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky



Lead Vocals - Anthony Kiedis
Guitar - John Frusciante
Drums - Chad Smith
Bass - Flea


Record Label: EMI - Capitol (P) ¨1989 EMI Records
Release Date: 08/04/1989
Catalog Number: 92152
Original Release Date: 1989
Producer: Michael Beinhorn
No. of Discs: 1
Studio/Live: Studio

2003 Remastered Version - Bonus Tracks:

14. Song That Made Us What We Are Today (demo) 12:55
15. Knock Me Down (original long version) 4:42 previously unreleased
16. Sexy Mexican Maid 4:00
17. Salute To Kareem (demo w/guitar track) 3:30 previously unreleased
18. Castles Made Of Sand (live 11/21/89) 3:17 B-side of “Taste The Pain”, previously reissued on Out In LA
19. Crosstown Traffic (live 11/21/89) 2:50 previously unreleased


Produced by Michael Beinhorn for Demolition Sound

Mixed by Dave Jerden
Engineered by Garth "G-G-G-Garthatron" Richardson
Except Taste The Pain
Engineered by Eddie Delena
Aditional engineering by Michael Beinhorn

Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA & Image Studios, Hollywood

Except Taste The Pain recorded at Track Record

Mixed at Post Logic, Hollywood, CA & Royal Recorders, Lake Geneva, WI
Except Taste The Pain mixed at The Gray Room

Crew: Mark Johnson & Chris Grayson
Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino

Background vocals on Higher Ground & Good Time Boys: Vicki Calhoun, Wag, Randy Ruff, Aklia Chinn, Jack Sherman, Joel Viergel, Iris Parker, Julie Ritter, Gretchen Seager, Laura Spinosa, Sir Babs, Merill Ward, Bruno Deron, Kristen Vigard
Background vocals on Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky: Vicki Calhoun, Aklia Chinn and Kristen Vigard
Background vocals on Knock Me Down: Vicki Calhoun
Horns on Subway To Venus:
Trumplet - Flea and Patrick English
Tenor sax - Keith "The Tree" Barry
Trombone - Lon
Trumpet on Pretty Little Ditty & Taste The Pain: Flea
Cello on Taste The Pain: Dave Coleman
Drums on Taste The Pain: Fish
Guitar On Fire: Hillel Slovak
Drums On Fire: Jack Irons
Management: LGM/Lindy Goetz Management
A&R Direction: Rob Gordon
Cover Concept: Anthony Kiedis
Art Direction/Design: Henry Marquez, Peter Shea
Photography: Nels Israelson
Back Cover Painting: Hillel Slovak
Fish appears courtesy of Columbia Records