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The Esessential
Toni Braxton


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1. Love Shoulda Brought You Home. Babyface, Simmons, Watson 4:58
2. I Love Me Some Him. Karlin, Martin, Schack ... 5:06
3. Tell Me. Baker, Blas, Braxton, Johnson ... 4:10
4. You're Makin' Me High. Babyface, Braxton, Wilson 4:28
5. He Wasn't Man Enough. Daniels, Jenkins, Jerkins ... 4:22
6. Just Be a Man About It. Austin, Bishop, Braxton, Cox 4:50
7. How Many Ways [R. Kelly Remix]. Beard, Braxton, Field, Goring ... 5:47
8. Breathe Again. Babyface 4:30
9. You Mean the World to Me. Babyface, Reid, Simmons 4:56
10. I Belong to You. Benford, Spearman 3:54
11. How Could an Angel Break My Heart. Babyface, Braxton 4:21
12. Un-Break My Heart. Warren 4:31
13. Another Sad Love Song. Babyface, Simmons 5:02
14. Seven Whole Days. Babyface, Reid 6:20
15. I Don't Want To. Kelly 4:17
16. Give U My Heart. Babyface, Reid, Simmons ... 4:00
17. The Heat. Braxton, Lewis 3:31
18. Gimme Some. Babyface, Braxton, Lopes, Phá 4:04
19. There's No Me Without You. Babyface 4:20
20. Why Should I Care. Babyface 4:26
21. Spanish Guitar [Royal Garden's Flamenco Mix]. Warren 4:36
22. I'm Still Breathing. Warren 4:16
23. Me & My Boyfriend. Braxton, Braxton, Harper ... 3:43
24. Give It Back Braxton, Braxton, Thomas ... 3:39
25. The Time of Our Lives [The Official Song of the 2006 FIFA World Cup]. Eloffson 3:18
26. He Wasn't Man Enough [Junior Vasquez Marathon Mix]. Daniels, Jenkins, Jerkins ... 3:45
27. Un-Break My Heart [Frankie Knuckles' Franktidrama Club Mix]. Warren 8:28
28. Hit the Freeway. Hawkins, Williams 3:48
29. Come on Over Here. Nelson, Rich, Spencer 3:37
30. Let It Flow. Babyface 4:23
31. The Little Things. Kelly 4:32
32. Good Life [mix]. Klarmoann, Phillips, Weber 4:16



Editado: 20 de Febrero de 2007
Numero de discos: 2
Discografia: Blackground Records

Vassal Benford Producer
Ted Bishop Producer
Tamar Braxton Performer
Toni Braxton Producer
Towanda Braxton Performer
Traci Braxton Performer
Trina Braxton Performer
Dr. Dre Vocals
Daniela Federici Photography
David Foster Arranger, Producer
Mannie Fresh Producer
Howard Fritzson Art Direction
Irv Gotti Producer
Vincent Herbert Producer
Jeremy Holiday Packaging Manager
Rodney Jerkins Producer
Bob Jones Design
Karlin Arranger, Producer
R. Kelly Arranger, Producer, Remixing
Keri Arranger, Producer
Frankie Knuckles Remix Producer
Keri Lewis Producer, Vocal Producer
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Rap
Steve Mac Producer
The Neptunes Producer
Rashod D. Ollison Liner Notes
Jim Parham Project Director
Jazze Phá Producer
Ernesto Phillips Producer
Zak Profera A&R
L.A. Reid Producer
Tony Rich Arranger, Producer
Royal Garden Producer, Remixing
Leo Sacks Producer, Compilation
Randee Saint Nicholas Photography
Chink Santana Producer
Rob Santos A&R
Daryl Simmons Producer
Soulshock Arranger, Producer
Satoshi Tomiie Producer
Junior Vasquez Remix Producer
Mark Wilder Mastering
Bryce Wilson Producer